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Riding Helmets & Glamour Shields

Riding Helmets & Glamour Shields

How would you define glamour? If you said looking your best, then you are not in the market for the right type of riding helmet! Riding helmets and glamour shields are two completely different things that share very little in common beyond their names, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for when shopping around for one. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between these items and how to select the best riding helmet for your needs and budget!

How do I choose the best riding helmet?
The first you need to consider is your ability and experience in horse riding. If you’re just starting as a beginner you should choose a General-purpose type of helmet that will protect you as much as possible while you train.

Then you have different disciplines within the sport such as Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing, and Racing. Each has its own rules of min standards of protective gear. With Dressage and showjumping, most experienced riders want a light and snug fit to not interfere in view or movements.

For eventing, or cross country obstacle course, a more protected full head cover helmet is a rule as well as a must and that goes for racing too.

Tips to ensure your riding helmet fits properly
When you are trying out new helmets you should have a very clear idea of your head size. This is easily measured with a soft ruler tape and a friend to help you. Then also make sure that the helmet you’re looking to buy is suitable for the discipline you are likely to use it in.

How can I make my riding helmet last longer?
By taking good care of the helmet in the first place. Always store your riding helmet in a dry place, avoid hanging it in places where it can easily fall from by people knocking into it. Always keep your helmet clean and check for any damages. If you have a fall or you drop your helmet on a hard surface, make sure you get it checked out for any signs of cracks or damage.

Where do I buy good-quality riding helmets?
Today, you have a lot of options when buying a horse riding helmet. If you’re a total beginner, I would suggest you go to a tack store near you, as you properly would need more than a helmet and you can get a good discount for buying all your gear together. You will also get great advice on the type of gear you need when starting. If you have been riding for a while and want to get a competition helmet, you can get great offers direct online, we supply a brand new helmet that is more directed to girls who compete in Dressage and showjumping. You can take a look at

Things you need to know before buying a riding helmet
As we discussed previously, you need to know what type of horse riding you will be performing.
1. Your Experience of horse riding
2. The discipline you are likely to use the helmet in.
3. Approval and Safety Standards are required in your country.